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Volunteer Coordinator Tromsø/Bergen VegFest

Tromsø: Temporary position (40 %) 12th February –  26th March 2024. Requirement to be in Tromsø ca. week 9 – 12
Bergen: Temporary position (40 %) 18th March – 30th April 2024. Requirement to be in Bergen ca. week 14 – 17
Flexible workplace and working hours. The positions can be combined.

Do you want to work with us and contribute to making the biggest possible difference for our planet and animals in industrial agriculture?

We believe that change can save lives. And change begins on our plates. With more plant-based food on our plate, we can combat several of the most pressing problems in today’s society: We save the environment from enormous strains, prevent several of the most common lifestyle diseases and help animals suffering in factory farms.

That is why Grønn Framtid changes thousands of meals in Norwegian schools every year, while Tromsø VegFest – Northern Norway’s Veggie Festival as well as Bergen VegFest – Western Norway’s Veggie Festival and our Plant Power Challenge inspire thousands of people to eat more plant-based. Furthermore, we cooperate with companies through V-Label. And now we are looking for YOU who want to join and inspire thousands of people at Tromsø & Bergen VegFest! Do you want to be part of this exciting and important development?

As volunteer coordinator at Tromsø VegFest/Bergen VegFest you are a crucial part of making the festival a success! As the main contact for our volunteers on the day of the event you like to be around our passionate volunteers and you are good at communicating. You are the one making sure that all our shifts are covered and that our 50 volunteers are prepared for their tasks, have a good time and feel valued as Tromsø/Bergen VegFests volunteers are the backbone of our festival! Prior to the festival you actively engage our wonderful volunteers in marketing activities such as hanging up posters and handing out flyers. You stay calm in a fast paced environment, are solution-oriented and feel comfortable making decisions on your own if necessary.


This is the perfect position for you who:

  • Identifies with Grønn Framtids vision
  • Speaks English and preferably Norwegian
  • Is communicative and organised
  • Would like to learn, is open to adapt to change and would like to grow with us!
  • Desirable: You have already experience with volunteer coordinating on a smaller or larger scale

You can look forward to:

  • The opportunity to do something that really matters!
  • A nice & including team that works hard – but also has a lot of fun together!
  • An opportunity to grow and gain new knowledge
  • Responsibility for a very important task
  • Making Tromsø VegFest 2024 a success!

Work place: Tromsø: Requirement to be in Tromsø ca. week 9 – 12. Bergen: Requirement to be in Bergen ca. week 14 – 17. Otherwise the work can be done remotely if necessary. We therefore accept applications from the whole country. Applicants from Tromsø and Bergen are preferred though.

Working hours: Your working hours will increase when the festival is coming closer, so that you will work almost full-time the week of the event, but a lot less in the beginning.

Festival dates: 16th March for Tromsø VegFest, 20th April for Bergen VegFest

We would appreciate it if you have knowledge in plant-based foods, animal welfare or environmental protection as well as volunteer management, but we value other qualities and personal suitability even higher! Training will be provided.

That’s just the perfect job for you, you say? Then we are looking forward to hear from you! Fill out the application scheme here. Deadline: 26. november 2023

In the application, we want you to solve the following task: Imagine that there are only two weeks left  before the festival and we realise that we are in need of at least 10 more volunteers. Create a short plan on how you’d recruit more volunteers for Tromsø VegFest.

Questions? Send us an email to kontakt [at] gronn-framtid.no or call the festival organizer Vanessa Brall, tel. 461 66 553.

We are looking forward to hear from you!